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Privacy Policy | Troop 419

Privacy Policy

Troop 419 is committed to protecting all visitor's privacy. As such, Troop 419 will NOT sell, trade, or otherwise share or distribute any visitor's personal information, including (but not limited to) name, username, date of birth, email address, etc.

Members of the troop will, upon registration for various services on troop9419.org, be asked for some limited personal information. This information is purely for identification purposes, and to help provide some of the aforementioned services.

Cookies: Troop9419.org does utilize cookies, a small file containing bits of information, to identify visitors and their sessions, and to help enhance your experience on the website. We will never set on your computer any malicious cookies or software.

Logging: For safety and security, some actions (such as logging in and out of troop9419.org) will be logged for a period of time on our server. Note that no information is logged other than the action taken (ex: John Smith added new image "trooppic.jpg").

External Links: Troop 419 is not responsible for any content on any external websites that may be reached through our site. Although Troop 419 will do its best to monitor external site content and filter links, we will not be held responsible for anything reached via an external link.

Emails: By default, all users are subscribed to our website's emails. Any user may unsubscribe by clicking "My Account," then clicking on the "notifications" tab. Troop 419 will only send out emails containing important news and information, will not send any spam, and will never allow other parties to send out emails to registered users.

Scout information: A scout's full name (first and last) will never be posted on this website. First name and last initial may be used however, primarily for identification.

Pictures: Pictures of a scout will only be posted with the permission of the scout, and his or her parent or legal guardian, if the scout is under the age of 18. If at any time you find a picture or any other content that you believe is unsuitable for this website, or there is a picture of a scout and that scout has not given permission to post that picture, you may contact us and inform us of the problem.

In the event that a user wishes to delete, destroy, or suspend his or her account, that user may contact us via the "contact us" link, and the account will be removed from our systems immediately, no questions asked. If troop9419.org is ever removed from the internet, is merged with another site, or is taken down for any other reason, all personal information will also be destroyed to protect your privacy.

You may contact Troop 419 via email at
tanis.7x@gmail.com (webmaster)
or use the contact form.