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Links and Resources | Troop 419

Links and Resources

BSA Links
BSA Home Page
Northern Star Council
Northwest District
Order of the Arrow Lodge
Boys' Life Magazine
Trinity Church

Troop 9419
Scouts at the Council Meeting, Russell repairing Crepeau Footbridge

Scouts at the Council Meeting--The Video, Nov. 28, 2011. (May need to install QuickTime to view.)

Helpful web resources
Animated knot tying

Links For Adults
Online Training
Camp Tomahawk
Tomahawk Scout Reservation
Annual Health Form
Map of Chippewa, Sioux, and Navajo Camps
Map to Camp Tomahawk

    Leader's Manual:

    • Camp History p.4
    • Tomahawk-2010 & Beyond p.5
    • 100th Anniversary of BSA p.7
    • Info for Parents p.9
    • Camping With Wildlife p.14,15
    • Health & Safety p.16
    • Medications in Camp p.17
    • Tomahawk Patrol p.24
    • Segment Recognition p.25
    • Conservation & Service p.26
    • Reservation Wide Activities p.31
    • Raven's Roost p.32
    • T-2 Program Options, High Adventure, C.O.P.E. p.32-36
    • Leave No Trace p.38
    • Scouts Want to be on Camp Staff? p.39
    • Religious Services p.41
    • Camp Standards, p.42
    • Camper Safety, Harassment Prevention p.44-45
    • Discipline Policy p.46
    • Emergency Mobilization Plan p.47
    • Maps p.48-49

    Sioux Camp Supplement:

    • Merit Badge Information p.4-7, 16-21, 23
    • Map p.25