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About Troop 419 | Troop 419

About Troop 419

BSA Troop 419 (9419) is currently chartered to Trinity Lutheran Church, in Arden Hills, Minnesota. Troop 419 is a member of the Northwest District of the Northern Star Council.

Troop 419 currently holds meetings most Mondays at 7:00 throughout the school year at Trinity Lutheran Church. If you would like to join our troop, come to a meeting, and we will help you get started.

Trinity Lutheran Church:
3245 New Brighton Rd
Arden Hills, MN 55112

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About the Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is the largest youth organization in the United States, with over five million members in its age-related divisions. Since its founding in 1910 as part of the international Scout Movement, more than 110 million Americans have been members of the BSA.

The BSA seeks to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and, at older age levels, career-oriented programs in partnership with community organizations.

In 1907, British General Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scouting movement in England, on Brownsea island. In 1909, Chicago publisher W. D. Boyce was visiting London, where he encountered the Unknown Scout and learned of the Scouting movement. On February 8, 1910, Boyce founded the Boy Scouts of America.